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About Us

The US IP Attorneys Directory is a community of Intellectual Property Attorneys, Agents, and Lawyers (IP Firms as well as individual Patent Agents/Patent Attorneys/Trademarks Agents/Trademark Attorneys all across the United States.

The purpose of this community is to help a person/business looking for any kind of IP service locate an IP Attorney/Agent. It's also to support mutual interests of all the IP Professionals. You can join this community absolutely free.

Businesses in modern world need to protect their Intellectual Property Rights. The best way to find best IP Services is to log on to this site and search for the IP Attorney/Agent suitable to their needs.

The community is beneficial to everyone in many aspects. The IP Attorneys/Agents can gain the benefits of worldwide exposure of their firms on the largest network in the world, the Internet. The community is formed to provide a platform for IP Attorneys/Agents to register their presence!

This website provides an opportunity for business houses worldwide to search for appropriate IP Attorney/Agent who can provide services for their IP needs. The businesses can search our IP Directory according to their preferences which include state, practice area etc.

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