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Best Child Custody Attorney- Does A Parent's Religion Affect Child Custody?

Posted by: Mills Elder Law
Practice Area: Trademark    Country: All    Publish Date:

Religion is often regarded to be a major topic of concern, especially in child custody case, where parents are left with the question of- whether the child can be raised in a particular religion with or without the consent of other parent? How does this concept work in a custody dispute and the role of best child custody attorney in the matter? The answer to these questions only lie here.

Role of Religion in Child Custody Dispute

Parent's religion or beliefs never decide the decision of custody solely, rather a host of factors are taken into consideration to determine which custody would serve the best interests of the child. Similarly, a parent who is non-religious will not be penalized, and in addition to this the religious belief will not have a direct impact on the case. But, here it must be noted that the upbringing of a child in a religious community vs. abusive religion can influence the decision of the case.

For instance, when parents want custody of their child and one parent practices religion X that preaches valid and positive teachings, while the other parent beliefs in religion Y that might be abusive and violet, here the court would limit the exposure of child to religion Y and make a point that he/she follows the path of religion X.

If you hire the best child custody lawyers then they would:

  • Highlight the importance of religion that you practice and the kind of impact it would make in the child's growth and development
  • State what makes the religious beliefs of opposing parent harmful and why his/her exposure should be limited towards the same.

Who Determines The Religion of The Child?

The court cannot prescribe a specific religion for the child, rather it's the custodial parent who can do it. But, in certain cases, the non-custodial parent can also put forward their wish about religion using the services of custody attorneys.

Final Verdict- Impact of Parent's Religion on Custody Dispute

As mentioned earlier, there might not be a direct impact of the religion of a parent on the custody dispute. But, when the religion begins to affect the best interests, development and social exposure of the child then definitely this factor won't be overlooked. Hence, a good practice is to count on family law attorney in Tarrant County, discuss whether religion would have any sort of influence on the custodial case and then work on the proceedings accordingly. The attorney will offer required support and guidance throughout the process and make it a point that the interests of both the child and their clients are met.

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